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You Might Be a Detectorist......
  • if you'll step over a penny on the sidewalk, but will dig six inches for a dirty penny.
  • if you hide your detecting magazines so the kids don't mess them up. 
  •  if your spouse says in a seductive voice, "Let's do something you want to do for a change", and you start packing the detectors for a hunt.
  •  if you have a nightmare where a favorite spot becomes posted "off limits" and you have to drive out to see that it's not posted before you can go back to sleep. 
  • if you've ever cleaned your coins in the kitchen using the good bowls.
  •  if you mark your calendar to go to the fair on the day after the fair closes.
  •  if you plan your family vacations around places that are good to detect. 
  • if you'd rather your kid become an archeologist than a doctor.
  • if your idea of a college fund is the clad coins you've dug up.
  • if your kids have to go "beep, beep, beep" to get your attention.
  • if your children were named after detectors. 
  •  if you have a room in your house covered with maps and dedicated to research, but no living room.
  • if your detector has a name other than the one the manufacturer gave it.
  • if you have a heart tattoo and the name of your detector in the middle of it.

  •  if you're looking for a new home and the Realtor locks the car doors, but you think the run down neighborhood with abandoned houses looks like a good option.
  • if you cash your paycheck and ask to be paid in rolled coins.
  •  if the thought of a scratched coin makes you even a little bit sad. 
  • if you took notes when your grandfather told old treasure tales.
  • if you volunteer at a nursing home because the leads are good.
  • if you guard a good site like a good fishing hole.
  • if you have no shoes, but you have the latest detector.
  • if your car is ten years old, but you have the latest detector. 
  • if you catch your spouse using your digger in the garden and somehow feel its been violated. 
  • if your spouse buys you detecting accessories for your anniversary and it makes you tear up.
  •  if your spouse hints at wanting jewelry, you grab your detector and go to the beach rather than going to a jeweler.
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